When You Need a Stubborn, Experienced, Aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer in Evansville, IN, Call

Ivan A. Arnaez

Ivan Knows Why You Are Here. You Are Here Because The Police Want You.

He will be your criminal defense lawyer in Evansville, Indiana

When people point the finger at you, point yours back. You know you didn't do it. Fight like it.

Every criminal case has a defense if you can find it. If it does not, Ivan will flat-out tell you. He does not take on every case.

Let's be real: the justice system is scary. If you don't know what you are doing, you already lost. You better learn fast and listen. Ivan has been trying tough cases for 24 years. He knows how to do it. He knows how to motivate you. He knows how to kick you in the rear if you need that too.

Trial is a war. You better fight like hell to win it. You better listen to everything he tells you because half the battle is knowing where the landmines are. Ivan will show you where not to step.

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Ivan Arnaez does not compromise.
Do what he says
Keep your mouth shut
Stay "clean", fight hard, and keep your cool.

You can lose your legal battle by running your mouth and ignoring what Ivan tells you.

He is simple to understand. He is very blunt.

Keep your cool.
Keep your mouth shut.
Do not do the things that will make him mad like acting crazy with pending charges. It is just plain stupid to be reckless with your freedom.

Ivan is a no-nonsense attorney who:

Fears no one

Fights tooth and nail for his clients

Don't Go to Court Alone. Go with Ivan A. Arnaez.

He fights like hell. He will tell you what to do. Contact him today!