Tough Times Call for a Tougher Defense

Turn to a straightforward and effective criminal lawyer in Evansville, IN by calling Ivan Arnaez, Attorney at Law

Getting arrested is horrible. In fact it is downright confusing and scary. The worst thing you can do is stay confused and terrified. Call criminal law expect, Ivan Arnaez! He will set you straight. When the police are after you, you better have a clue what you are doing. It is time to hire a no-nonsense criminal lawyer. Ivan Arnaez, Attorney at Law can craft a sound criminal defense for you in Evansville, IN.

When you are accused of something you did not do or the argument got out of hand and someone calls the police, the best remedy is to Fight It! Call Ivan Arnaez. You deserve to know what to do when the finger is pointed at you. Remember, you do not have to be actually guilty of anything to be accused. 

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Ivan will Try Everything to Help You Avoid a Prison Sentence

This man has no quit and fights smart.

A misunderstanding does not have to ruin your life. Even good people make mistakes. Perfect people simply do not exist. This is why the school of hard knocks has many graduates. Criminal defense lawyer, Ivan Arnaez, is as stubborn as they come when it is about your freedom, no matter what people claim you did. He will defend you and more importantly believe you. His practice areas include:

When people claim you committed a burglary, drug crime or even a DUI, call criminal defense attorney Ivan Arnaez. He will even help you if you want to expunge a prior criminal record. Good people deserve the peace of mind an expungement can give. Call 812-424-6671 to see if you qualify.



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Blunt, Honest Legal Advice.

Ivan Arnaez gives a damn about his clients. Don't believe him? Wait until he chews you out for not taking care of business. Attorney Ivan Arnaez always gets to the point fast, tells you what you need to do and more importantly why you need to do it. A courtroom is a dangerous place if you do not know what is going on. You will learn quickly to listen to what he tells you. Your freedom depends on it.

If this is what you want, call Ivan Arnaez. If not, he is not for you. Ivan Arnaez will not waste time with people who do not take their freedom seriously.

Hire an criminal defense attorney who is not intimidated by anyone. Make an appointment at our law firm in Evansville, IN today.