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The police, Judges, shop owners and just about everybody else, hate "five finger discounts". For those of you who have never heard of this, it is called Theft. If you did it, get ready to work out the best deal you can. If you did not do it, get ready to fight it out. There are many reasons why someone might wrongfully point the finger at you: misunderstanding, accident, etc. Just because somebody thinks you are guilty does not mean you are. Ivan Arnaez will help you explain why you are not a thief.

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This is the most dangerous thing a man or woman can do. If the homeowner catches you in the house, you will probably get shot. If you are convicted, you are headed for prison. If you did not do it, Ivan Arnaez will fight like hell to explain why the appearance of Burglary is wrong. Just because they found you near the scene, in the scene, or around the scene does not mean you are guilty of Burglary. Misunderstandings happen. Ivan Arnaez will help you assert your innocence.

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