Drinking always leads to problems. Getting arrested is just one of them.

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Drinking while driving is unwise. Don't do it! Thinking it is fun to drink and drive is like giving a loaded handgun to a child. It is insane! The problem is most people do not know when enough is enough. People often drink past the point it is time to call a cab. If you had one too many to drinks and should have called a cab, call Ivan Arnaez. He will handle your case with the dignity you deserve.

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Some people are real dealers. They will want someone who knows the legal ropes. Some people just didn't know any better and they will want someone to work it out. Some people are innocent and were either set up, not told things were in the car, or just stopped by for a visit and had no clue drugs were in the house. If you fit into any of these categories, you will want to call criminal defense attorney Ivan Arnaez. If you are selling dope take some friendly advice -Stop while you're ahead. Everyone already knows what you are doing. It is not possible to keep doing the same reckless thing forever and not expect someone to rat you out.