Drinking Always Leads to Problems. Getting Arrested Is Just One of Them.

Protect your rights with the help of a DUI lawyer in Evansville, IN

Drinking while driving is unwise. Don't do it! Thinking it is fun to drink and drive is like giving a loaded handgun to a child. It is insane! The problem is most people do not know when enough is enough. People often drink past the point it is time to call a cab. If you had one too many to drinks and should have called a cab, call on Ivan Arnaez, Attorney at Law in Evansville, IN. We will handle your case with the dignity you deserve.

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Don't fight this alone

Everyone is entitled to competent legal representation, and this includes DUI defense. If you get convicted of a DUI, you face several serious consequences like losing your license or time in jail. It's better to be safe than sorry by hiring a knowledgeable DUI lawyer to help you out.

For top-quality DUI defense, contact Ivan Arnaez today. Our attorney will do everything he can to obtain the best possible outcome for you.