Protect Your Reputation When Accused of Kidnapping

Our criminal law attorney in Evansville, IN can help

The moment you're accused of kidnapping, you're at risk of a conviction. Partnering with a top-tier criminal law attorney is important for your own well-being. Ivan Arnaez, Attorney at Law can help, offering representation for clients throughout the Evansville, IN area. He'll provide you with honest expectations, fearless counsel and an aggressive defense.

Felony crimes, such as kidnapping, can lead to serious sentences - including extensive jail time. Trust Ivan Aranez to stand up and go to bat for you in court.

Working with the right attorney is crucial

No one wants to lose their liberty. Building a strong kidnapping defense could help you...

  • Protect your freedom
  • Restore your reputation
  • Clear your criminal record
Without the right criminal law defense, you could end up in a jail cell - trapped. Fight for your freedom by working with Ivan Aranez. Call 812-424-6671 today to set up your initial consultation.