Serious Charges Call For a Sound Defense

Navigate sex-related criminal law charges in Evansville, IN

If you are accused of rape or other sexual related crimes, you better get ready to fight like hell unless you want to get steamrolled flat. These crimes are no laughing matter. They are about as serious as it gets. In addition, society will simply assume you did it because they won't be thinking with their heads but rather with their hearts. Serious charges call for a serious defense lawyer.

Attorney Ivan Arnaez takes on cases dealing with sex crimes in Evansville, IN and the surrounding counties. You want Ivan Arnaez in your corner when you are accused. Just because they point the finger at you does not mean you did it. Ivan Arnaez is not afraid to speak out and point the finger somewhere else and explain why. Call Ivan Arnaez to start fighting back today! 812-424-6671

Sex Crimes are Controversial. Contact Ivan Arnaez, Attorney at Law for Guidance!

There's nothing controversial about defending yourself against them no matter what others think.

Consult Ivan Arnaez, Attorney at Law in Evansville, IN today to start planning your defense.

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