You Don't Have to Roll Over on Assault Charges

Fight back with a criminal defense lawyer in Evansville, IN

You might be surprised at how easy it is to be accused of assault. You get into an argument at a bar, give someone a light shove and next thing you know you're being served assault and battery charges. Even if you never make contact, just threatening someone can lead to a lawsuit. Make sure you have a skilled criminal defense lawyer on your side if you've been accused. Ivan Arnaez, Attorney at Law understands criminal law and will defend your rights.

Ivan Arnaez will get to work right away on your case. He'll explain your options and tell you what to expect. You can rest assured that he'll fight for the best possible outcome in court.

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Why hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer?

You may wonder if letting a public defender represent you is enough. If the charges are something small like a single punch, what's the worst that could happen? Here are three reasons why you need a criminal defense lawyer:

  1. Even minor assault charges can come with jail time if you're convicted
  2. Ivan Arnaez will help you build a strong case and negotiate for lesser sentences or dropped charges
  3. A lawyer can talk to the police for you so you don't accidentally incriminate yourself
Ivan Arnaez will also help you get through the legal process as quickly and smoothly as possible. Contact our criminal law attorney today to start building a solid defense.