Protect Your Future From Grand Theft Auto Charges

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Grand theft auto might seem like fun when it's in a video game or movie. But the decades you could spend up sitting around in jail if you're convicted won't be. Instead of rolling over and accepting the charges, fight back with Ivan Arnaez, Attorney at Law in Evansville, IN.

Being accused of grand theft auto can be intimidating, but Ivan Arnaez won't back down. He has plenty of experience protecting clients from theft and burglary, and grand theft auto is no different. He'll go the extra mile to defend you from the accusations, no matter how serious the charges.

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Why you can count on Ivan Arnaez

Theft and burglary convictions have consequences depending on the value of the stolen item. Which means they'll try to throw the book at you during a grand theft auto trial. Ivan Arnaez has defended people of all backgrounds in all kinds of situations. You can trust him to fight tooth and nail for your freedom, no matter what you're accused of.

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