Are You Being Charged With Murder?

Strengthen your defense with an attorney in Evansville, IN

There's no getting around it: being charged with murder puts your own life on the line. Protecting your freedom and your future requires a stellar defense. Thankfully, you can turn to Ivan Arnaez, Attorney at Law in Evansville, IN. Our criminal lawyer will partner with you to advocate for your innocence.

Being charged with murder is no walk in the park. You need fearless, steadfast representation, and Ivan Aranez is here to fight for you. Make an appointment by calling 812-424-6671 today.

An attorney who will be there for you

Facing felony charges, especially ones as serious as murder, can be isolating. Having the right legal representation by your side can give you a confidence boost when walking into the courtroom.

You'll need to speak with a criminal lawyer immediately if...

  • There's evidence of you at the scene of the crime.
  • You are a person of interest in a murder or homicide.
  • The police are gathering evidence to charge you.
Have questions for our criminal lawyer? Reach out to us, and Ivan Aranez will be in contact with you.